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The Feature for the Smart4418 Board

The Smart4418 CPU board is a quad core Cortex A9 CPU board designed and developed by FriendlyARM for industrial applications. As a successor of the Smart210 CPU board it uses the Samsung Quad Core Cortex-A9 S5P4418 SoC with dynamic frequency scaling up to 1.4GHz. The standard Smart4418 CPU board has 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB eMMC. It has the AXP229 PMU enabling software power off/on and wake-up functions. In addition its Gbps Ethernet and audio jack make it suitable for various industrial applications.
The Smart4418 CPU board has 2.0mm pitch double row pin headers(P1, P2 and P4) containing 174 pins in total. These pins contain most popular interface pins. By default we have P1 and P2 soldered on the board and leave P4 for users'applications.
In addition we have a Smart4418/6818SDK carrier board with miniPCIe interface for 3G/4G modules, SATA interface, WiFi&Bluetooth with on board porcelain antenna, LVDS and RGB LCD interface, DVP camera interface and RPI compatible GPIO Pin-headers.
The most significant feature is the Smart4418 SDK carrier board can take a wide range of voltage from 6V to 24V, this meets industrial applications' requirement for wide range voltage inputs.

When you connect an external hard disk to the board, you need to use a 12V/3A power adapter.

Smart4418 CPU board Features

  • CPU: Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core Cortex-A9, with dynamic frequency scaling from 400M Hz to 1.4G Hz
  • PMU Power Management Unit: AXP228. it supports software power-off and wake-up functions.
  • DDR3 RAM: 1GB 32bit DDR3 RAM
  • Ethernet: Gbps Ethernet(RTL8211E) with unique MAC
  • eMMC: 8GB
  • Audio: 1 x audio codec chip, 1 x onboard Microphone and 1 x audio jack
  • LED: 1 x Power LED, 2 x GPIO LED
  • Others: onboard thermistor
  • PCB Dimension: 74 x 55 mm, Six-Layer
  • Power: DC 5V, up to 1.2A
  • OS/Software: u-boot, Android5.1/4.4, Debian8, ubuntu-core
  • 3 x 2.0mm pitch double row pin header, 174 pins in total:
    • USB 2.0 - Host x1, OTG x1
    • Video output/Display - RGB Parallel I/F (24-bit), LVDS and HDMI 1.4a
    • Video input - DVP Camera interface, ITU-R BT 601/656 8-bit and MIPI-CSI
    • Audio input - Microphone
    • Audio output - Audio jack (with headset detection) and HDMI audio
    • Ethernet - 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet x 1
    • ADC - CPU internal ADC, 7 channels, 12-bit, range: 0 ~ 1.8V
    • External interface - SDIO/MMC x2, SPI x2, I2C x3, UART x5, PWM x3, GPIOs x24
    • Others - Power key input, RESET input, RESET output, RTC battery input

Smart4418 SDK carrier board Features

SDK Carrier Board Model Smart4418SDK 1606
Dimension 189.8 x 118.2(mm)
WiFi/Bluetooth Onboard WiFi & Bluetooth
MiniPCIe Interface For 4G modules, data service only, speech service not applicable
SIM Card Slot Pop-up MicroSIM card slot
Antenna Onboard porcelain antenna
DVP Camera Interface 24pin, 0.5mm pitch FPC seat DVP Camera interface, ITU-R BT 601/656 8-bit
HDMI Interface 1 x HDMI A Type, HDMI 1.4a (Smart4418)
1080p30 video output
RS232 Serial Interface 2 x 3-wire serial port (UART0 and 3), DB9 male connector
USB Host 2 x USB A, brought out from USB 2.0 hub, (USB 1.1 compatible)
USB Slave 1 x Micro USB, data communication only
Audio Interface Internal Audio, supports audio recording and play
3.5mm audio jack and MIC
onboard Microphone
Ethernet Internal 1000/100/10M Ethernet
User Key PWRKEY (power key) RST (reset) K1/K2/K3 programmable keys
LED 2 x GPIO LED (On Smart4418 CPU board)
RTC Onboard RTC battery(CR1220)
Buzzer 1 x PWM buzzer
SPI Interface CON3: 26pin ,2.54mm pitch double row pin-header
SD Card Slot Pop-up SD card slot
I2C Interface I2C0
UART Serial Interface UART2
SATA Onboard SATA interface
SATA Power Onboard SATA power interface
LCD Interface LCD Interface(45pin, 0.5mm pitch FPC seat), Supports FriendlyARM one wire technology
back-light adjustable
Supports LCDs with capacitive touch
Supports RGB888, full color TFT CD
LCD Mounting Holes Applicable for X710 LCD
LVDS Interface 2pin, 2.0mm pitch
GPIO Pin-header 30pin 2.0mm pitch double-row pin-header including 1x UART, 1x I2C, 1 x SPI, 1 x SDIO and 11 x GPIO
Other Resources 1 x EEPROM, 1 x 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
Power DC 9V~24V/2A. When you connect a SATA hard disk or LVDS LCD to it a 12V/3A power adapter is required




How to Order

Item Description
Order Info Price(USD) Order It!
Smart4418 Development Kits
  • One Smart4418 SDK Carrier Board(Contain one Smart4418 CPU board)
  • One 12V/2A Power Supply
  • One Micro USB Cable, One Serial Cable
  • Option LCD Module: 7' Inch LCD with Capacitive touchscreen
    * Default U.S. Plug Power adapter, if need EU Plug, mail to .
Smart4418 Development Kits $99
Smart4418 Development Kits + 7 inch Capacitive LCD $119
Smart4418 CPU Board
  • One Smart4418 CPU board
Smart4418 CPU Board $49USD


4G Module ME909u

4G 3db IPEX Antenna

4.3 capacitive HD LCD

4.3 Inch Resistive LCD

7 Inch Resistive LCD

7 inch capacitive LCD

7 In. capacitive HD LCD

10.1 capacitive HD LCD
  • Until 2015-8-10, we will released more module for NanoPi, Such as Camera, LCD, Key, Relay, Sensor and so on.!
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  • The defaul shipping method is DHL, if you want to use the EMS, order it and send mail to us(), then we will refund 4USD to your paypal account.

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