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NanoPi Interface Feature

On NanoPi board, it have the follow interface:

  • Three UART Serial Port
  • Two IIC bus
  • One SPI bus
  • One IIS interface
  • One DVP Camera interface
  • One TFT LCD interface
  • One Touchscreen interface
  • Up to 15 GPIO interface, more interface can be use as GPIO(UART, SPI, IIS, I2C)

More NanoPi interface info, download the NanoPi schematic file.

NanoPi Interface Details

GPIO1 Pin Define
Pin# IC Pin Note   Pin# IC Pin Note
1 VDD_SYS_3.3V Power Out 3.3V   2 VDD_5V Power In 5V
3 SDA0 I2C bus 0 Data   4 VDD_5V Power In 5V
5 SCL0 I2C bus 0 Clock   6 DGNA Power GND
7 GPF1/EINT1 GPIO with interrupt   8 TXD3 UART3 TXD
9 DGND Power GND   10 RXD3 UART3 RXD
11 EINT2/GPF2 GPIO with interrupt    12 EINT2/GPF3 GPIO with interrupt 
13 EINT4/GPF4 GPIO with interrupt   14 DGND Power GND
15 EINT5/GPF5 GPIO with interrupt   16 TOUT2/GPB2 PWM2 or GPIO
17 VDD_SYS_3.3V Power Out 3.3V   18 EINT9/GPG1 GPIO with interrupt
19 MOSI0/GPE12 SPI Bus 0 Master Output   20 DGND Power GND
21 MISO0/GPE11 SPI Bus 0 Master Iutput   22 TOUT0/GPB0 PWM0 or GPIO
23 CLK0/GPE13 SPI Bus 0 clock   24 SS0/GPL13 GPIO
25 GND Power GND   26 TOUT1/GPB1 PWM1 or GPIO
27 SDA1/GPB7 I2C bus 1 Data   28 SCL1/GPB8 I2C bus 1 Clock
29 EINT11/GPG3 GPIO with interrupt   30 DGND Power GND
31 EINT12/GPG4 GPIO with interrupt   32 EINT13/GPG5 GPIO with interrupt
33 EINT14/GPG6 GPIO with interrupt   34 DGND Power GND
35 EINT15/GPG7 GPIO with interrupt   36 EINT16/GPG8 GPIO with interrupt
37 EINT17/GPG9 GPIO with interrupt   38 EINT18/GPG10 GPIO with interrupt
39 DGND Power GND   40 EINT19/GPG11 GPIO with interrupt
GPIO2 Pin Define
Pin# IC Pin Note   Pin# IC Pin Note
1 VDD_5V     Power In 5V   2 VDD_SYS_3.3V Power Out 3.3V
5 SDA0     I2C bus 0 Data   6 SCL0 I2C bus 0 Clock
7 IIS-SDO0     IIS 0 Audio serial data output   8 IIS-SDI0 IIS 0 Audio serial data input
9 IIS-SCLK0     IIS 0 Audio serial clock   10 IIS-LRCK0 IIS 0 Audio channel select clock
11 IIS-CDCLK0     IIS 0 Audio Codec clock   12 DGND Power GND 
RGB LCDIF Pin Define
Pin# IC Pin Note
1,2 VDD_5V Power Out/In 5V
112029 DGND Power GND
3-10 Blue LSB to MSB TFT LCD Blue Signal
12-19 Green LSB to MSB TFT LCD Green Signal
21-28 Red LSB to MSB TFT LCD Red Signal
30 GPJ12 IO
31 GPG2 IO
32 XnRSTOUT From CPU Reset signal
33 VDEN Data Enable
34 VSYNC Vertical Sync. Signal
35 HSYNC Horizontal Sync. Signal
36 LCDCLK LCD Video Clock
37-40 XMXPYMYP Touchsreen Signal
Debug Port CON1(UART0)
Pin# IC Pin Note
1 DGND Power GND
2 VDD_5V Power Out/In 5V
3 TXD0 UART0: Debug serial Port TXD
4 RXD0 UART0: Debug serial Port RXD
DVP Camera IF Pin Define
Pin# IC Pin Note
1,2 VDD_SYS_3.3V Power Out 3V
7,9,13,15,24 DGND Power GND
3 SCL0 I2C bus 0 Clock
4 SDA0 I2C bus 0 Data
5 GPH13 IO
6 GPJ12 IO
8 XCLK Clock
10 NC No Connector
11 VSYNC sync signal
16-23 Data bit7-0 Data bus


Mechanical Dimensions

More Mechanical Dimensions, download the NanoPi dxf file.


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