About the order info for NanoPi
Order begin time: 2015-8-1
Pay method: paypal
About the shipping fee:
  • EMS: Shipping fee is 16USD for one order, Arrival at 7-14days.
  • DHL/Fedex: Shipping fee is 20USD(If Order total price is more than 50USD, it will be 36USD).
  • ARAMEX: Shipping fee is 20USD for one order(Order total price more than 50USD, it will be 30USD).
  • More details: click here
Ship Area
  • Worldwide, if you can pay it paypal or bank T/T, and the DHL/Fedex/EMS/ARAMEX can delivery in your country.

Question and Answer

  • How I can buy it? They do international shipping?
    Buy on our website by paypal, and delivery by DHL/Fedex/EMS/ARAMEX. 

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